Current Newsletter


Greetings from Team PBA.
Starting with all the good news and opportunities....

As many of you now know, Plan B has become operational for the first 6 months of 2020. This means only one small change to the time table. As from Jan 2020 the Thurs eve class becomes 7-8pm. No changes otherwise, no changes to fees or payment structures. 

I know many of you are pleased about this. Let it be a big thank you to you all for outstanding standards of loyalty to me and my school for the last 18 months of struggle in the face of adversity, bad treatment and unsettled conditions

From 1 July 2020 Petronella's time-table will be operational...two (Adv/Int)75 min classes Sat am and two (Adv/Int) 60 min classes Mon eve plus her own 60 min feeder class, Beginners, Wed 6.30pm. The 75min classes have been voted out for Mon eve by a show of glum faces...didn't like that one did they ...humpf!.. the problems being the late start and finish for the second class of the evening.

For this year, 2019, I continue to adhere to my belief in the value of the faster Pilates aerobic contribution to mental and physical well being, but, with a caveat.This really works well for PBA students at Levels 3+, 4 & 5....really well. I would like Thurs 7pm to be used as the official swap-in class for Levels 4 & 5 i.e. Mon eve and Sat am & 3pm...with intrepid students staying on, I hope, for the extra 30min, 8-8.30pm, £5 on the day. If you need to use an alternative swap-in class please text in with notification... 07881 494212. Ta!! I have given up completely on the idea of reaching out to non PBA-trained people for this lively take on Pilates training...ooooh! ouch! the mess!! This really is a test of disciplined thought and stamina for the already good. Attend whilst you can...yes, do make the effort.

♡ Let's view this one positively. Classes on Sats 8 & 15 June run as follows...8 June 5.30-7.30pm & 15 June 6-8pm. 
These will be workshop style classes, so a valuable contribution to technique, but are the only classes that can run these days. Not the fault of PBA.

You do need to sign up for them by text 07881 404212. Sat members only, swap-in suspended, guests, if space, the usual £17.50.Thank you.

 With a couple of Bank Holiday Monday classes missing this term, I am putting on an extra Monday at the end of term, Mon 24 June, 6.30-8.30pm, workshop style, 'Handstands and extreme Backbends', sign-up by text essential, Mon eve students only, swap-in suspended, £17.50 for guests if space. 

Please note ...there should be another BHM replacement class at the end of the Summer term, Mon 23 Sept. My apologies, I need to postpone this. 

Instead I will offer this 2hr workshop on Mon 16 Dec after the end of both Term 4 and the Xmas Extension Classes ...probably rather a useful health and metabolism boosting class just before the frenzy/indulgence of Xmas really kicks in. As above for sign-up.

Ah yes, Xmas. Any ideas? I think our Sunday feast worked rather well last year. Do discuss with me...each other...

The next Intensive is on the 22 and 23 June right at the end of term. Extension Classes are not offered in the Summer break so here is your chance for some extra training. The Saturday component 11am-12.30pm costs £17.50, Pratt Mews and the long class on the Sunday 10am-2pm costs £50, the wonderful Diorama Arts building...see below. The theme is 'The Best Stretch Ever'.

The 4hr classes, with 30 min breaks, give me wonderful opportunites to lead you into a deeper appreciation of the Pilates Method. In term-time 1 hr classes I must teach you what you need. In the 4 hr classes I can introduce you to what I know and share this knowledge with you. Basics attended to, we have time to explore.

The next Pilates Day
These can go in a flash so sign up now for a place, 4hrs with break, £50. We always run these the Saturdays before new terms so next P-day is Sat 13 July, 10am -2pm, at the highly appreciated, unusually gorgeous and well appointed Diorama Arts, just opposite Warren St Tube, Regents Place, NW1.
I think lunch will be 'Maison Bab', Covent Grd: delicious food, ethical stance, lovely interior and well positioned and away from traffic. Relaxingly easy transport to this restaurant from Diorama.

Baby Handstands
Coming soon another class to cater for those of you rather nervous about trying this move for the first time as an adult. We had one of these last term to great effect. Saturday 3 August 11am-12.30pm, £17.50