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Greetings PBA!

What an unpleasant wet Autumn it has been. Fortunately we are now snug in our new building, the well-run, clean, warm, welcoming Engine Room London. Admittedly the studio is small but we seem to have happy classes there. It is a happy building.

▪▪▪A few points of etiquette to be raised and Extras to be presented▪▪▪

□ NEXT RESIGNATION DEADLINE ...There is no resignation deadline for 1 Jan 2020. All students currently registered with PBA for this term should pay another set of fees on 1 Jan to complete payment for teaching services from the 'Old PBA' Jan-Jun incl. 2020.


 As explained in 2018/19 News Letters and in class, the PBA student body allowed me to believe that a full programme of classes was in demand for Jan-June 2020, rather than the four classes I proposed for 2020 in the Autumn News Letter 2018. Consequently all memberships need to stay in place for the last 6 months of the 'Old PBA'. Thank you.


A couple of people gave me considerate warning Winter 2018/Spring 2019 that they were leaving London before this Autumn...just a couple of warnings came in... and in my opinion these were the only legitimate resignations preceding this final stage of the school. You were all asked to respond... only 2 chose to let me know it couldn't be done, no go for 2020 and earlier. There should not have been any resignations for payment 1 Oct 2019 at Levels 2-5....nor should there be for payment 1 Jan 2020.


I cannot run 7 classes a week at only £140 per person per term if yet more people withdraw at this stage. Numbers are now critical.

The next resignation deadline is theoretically the day before 1 April 2020 but please see below for a necessary modification. Fees paid on 1 April cover PBA tuition for July-September 2020 with Petronella Carter, teacher, professional performer and PBA participant since 1987, as your principal teacher. However, I'll be around some of the time as cover, to run occasional 2hr Workshops and as PBA administrator. 

Petronella, who has been teaching Dance and Pilates classes for over 30 years is due to post some fascinating material about her performance career and bodywork experience on the PBA website. I'll let you know in class as soon as it appears. I sincerely wish her every success in taking on the heavy lifting for me!! Her Term Dates and Time Table for the second half of 2020 will also appear shortly on line. Please give her at least a chance to show what she is capable of. Thank you.


Having said this, I could get PBA into trouble if I am not scrupulously realistic about this change over. If you feel unable to continue with the school when I step aside as teacher I think you had better let me know between 10 Feb and 15 March 2020 for the following reason...


The venue requires 3 months notice for the cancellation of/changes to studio hire...fair enough...same as PBA.


I will need to let The Engine Room know just before 1 Apr how many classes are to be dropped for the July start of the new term. Petronella needs to confirm this, you all need to confirm this ... but I suggest at this stage a plan catering for possibly 60 students in possibly 5 classes of 12...Mon/Tues/Wed early evenings plus Sat 10.30am for Beginners and Sat 11.30am for Advanced...a first proposal possibly to be contradicted by Petronella, her prerogative. 


This might sound messy at the moment but really...really and truly...we all need to start projecting ahead to tidy up. This process probably needs to start in earnest after 'The Bikini Workout' 9 Feb next year...not before please as I will find it depressing and demoralizing and PLEASE remember your manners if resigning...none at the week-end, neither Saturday nor Sunday nor when I might be on holiday i.e. during the PBA breaks...absolutely none on Festival Days ... Good Friday, Easter Monday or Sunday...Bank Holidays... Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve or Day or Holiday ...nor my birthday, 17 July...nor after office hours during the week...just don't !! It's human not a machine!! Thank you.

🔸 STORAGE ... Please roll your mat tightly for storage. The floor of the cupboard is also now available for mats. Please ensure the shelves are used evenly, so the doors will need to open equally both to the left and to the right...not always opening to the right. Ta!! 


For those of you mixing with Beginners please do not try to help them out by issuing them with kit. Remember all kit is owned by someone. Beginners now have a choice either to supply their own yoga kit or to hire from me. I will be dealing with this by email. Ta!!


Please try to avoid a dreadful scrum at the cupboard. Please give yourself enough time before and after class to behave in a civilized manner. Classes do run over a little, now that I can relax into teaching properly again, so please factor this in. If you are always going to be short of time at the venue please do not store there. Better to keep your kit with you. Thank you.


🔸PROBLEM...Has anyone taken possession  of a mat previously owned by Sara Honey? 

This went missing during the move out of Pratt St. If you have been given a recycled mat please check it for this name...Sara H possibly. It is probably my fault that this has happened. I allocated a spare to Sara ...something she didn't actually need and said so...but then appear to have proceeded in error to give away both 'her' mats during mat-divi. 

I have a remedy so please get in touch so I can restore her property. Thank you.


🔸 STUDIO...The use of the '13th place' has been voted in for the 5 very busy classes Mon/Tues eve, Sat am, Sat pm ×2. 

This means the coat rail will need to go into the shallow recess by the mirror with all student bags underneath. Please store carefully bearing in mind the bags will need to be piled up...and done so without fear of any falling. The shallow recess space remaining becomes my 'office space'...better than nowhere to put the admin bag!! The deep recess becomes a place for another student.


Most of the time we will be able to set the main space at 11 students...3 rows, 4/3/, not anywhere!!... but 3 rows, 4/3/4 with the row of 3 actually in the middle of the studio not somehow taking up the space of 2 rows. If the 13th person does actually walk in ?? we will have to move up in the main space to 4/4/4. OK... got that ?? … good!! Wed/Thurs eve are under less pressure so leave the coat rack in the deep recess. Thank you. 


Please check the deep recess for safe and correct setting, Wed /Thurs, as explained in classes recently before loading with your bags. Thank you.


♡ EXTRAS...Going well. Thank you for your loyal support.


🔸Xmas Extension Week 9-14 Dec- SOLD OUT for all 3 classes, Mon/Thurs 6.30-8pm plus Sat 2-3.30pm.


🔸The Pilates Xmas Social, Sat 7 Dec 5-7.30pm, Mon Plaisir, Monmouth St, Covent Gdn, is nicely settled at 23 to enjoy the convivial atmosphere of this wonderful restaurant. Please arrive on time.


🔸Pilates Day on Saturday 11 Jan 10am-2pm, The Engine Room, fees now coming in, with places allocated on a 'first come first served' basis, £50. Theme ...fabulous and helpful ...Settings using Blocks & Bricks...and possibly chairs & tables. Optional lunch, venue tbc.


🔸New Year Special...our regular post-Xmas boost to the metabolic rate...'The Bikini Workout' booked in for 9 Feb 10am-12pm incl. Handstands at the end of the session, 2hr class, £20, The Engine Room. Lunch... first rate Sunday roast at , The Queens Head and Artichoke, Albany St. A group of us ate there with great relish after the recent Sunday Intensive at Diorama Arts. The roasts are outstandingly good and I'm told the beer is well above average. Book now. 12 places.

🔸THE SPRING INTENSIVE & EASTER EXTENSION CLASSES...The Intensive takes place at the end of the Winter Term towards the end of March 2020 and leads into the Easter Extension Classes. 

Please note the Saturday Intensive class, special timing 10.30am-12 noon, £17.50, shifts venues to The Umbrella Rooms, Covent Garden to give us more space. The Sunday, 10am-2pm, £50, is also in this venue, Umbrella Rooms. We have a beautiful 2nd floor movement studio, windows, mirrors, view, with adjacent private kitchen and lav. 


Easter Extension classes will be Mon/Thurs eve & Sat pm, The Engine Room, £17.50. For full details see 'The Year Ahead 2020', a download available online, see PBA Downloads.


☆Intensive Saturday 21 March... Shoulders, Neck & Thoracic Spine, Part 1

☆Intensive Sunday 22 March...Pelvis, Hip Joints and Lower Back.


☆Easter Extension Classes 2020

    Monday 23 March 6.30-8pm... Standing and Chair

    Thursday 26 March 6.30-8pm...Feet and Legs

    Saturday 28 March 2-3.30pm ... Shoulders, Neck and Thoracic Spine, Part 2


~There will also be an April pre-term Pilates Day, Sat 18 April, before the Spring Term starts and my very last 'Old PBA' 4hr Workshop, the July Pilates Day on the Saturday before the Summer Term starts, Sat 11 July. 


~I am hoping that others from the school will also come to one last 'Old PBA' social after this session...a Summer Social...probably 3-5pm 11 July 2020 ...venue/price tbc.

From myself and Team PBA... Clare, Flora, Petronella... warm wishes for a happy Christmas and an exciting New Year.  


Last term-time class 2019 Sat 3pm 7 Dec...first term-time class 2020  Monday 6.30pm 13 Jan.


Chris Hocking director of PB