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It's time. 


Time to choose whether you would like to keep PBA in your life even though with a different teacher as from Monday 13 July 2020 or now to choose to give up your training in this style of Pilates matwork.


Your last set of fees, the 1 Jan ones, have paid for Apr/May/Jun, Term 2, 2020 with me as your teacher. 


Term 2 finishes for PBA students on 27 Jun with the exception of the Monday Level 4 students who have a 2hr Bank Holiday replacement class on Monday 29 Jun, Eng Rm, 6.30-8.30pm. I also have the P-day 11 Jul to teach and that is then the end of my career as a full time professional teacher of Pilates Matwork. Phew!! have an active resignation deadline on 1 Apr 2020 for Term 3. I have asked you all to hold off untill today but if you are going to leave PBA for Term 3 please now let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.


Please do not leave it to the last minute as we have to secure and book the correct number of studios for those of you remaining and please remember protocol...NO RESIGNATIONS IN THE STUDIO/VENUE/CHANGING ROOM/STREET EITHER BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER CLASS none at the week-end nor outside of normal office hours, none during Bank Holidays/Christmas /Easter nor when I am on holiday so better to get it done during term-time ...!! None on my birthday...!! 


Resignation can be by email this time or a letter put in the post (not delivered in class please) addressed to 182 Shaftesbury Ave, WC2H 8JB...or by text the usual method.


Preparing for the change over to the new teacher, here below are three notifications for you to read...Petronella's Biography...her Term Dates for 2020...her Time-Table for 2020...

Petronella Carter

Petronella Carter ( BA Hons) is PBA’s senior teacher, she began attending classes in 1988 and brings to this role not only her years of committed study and practice within the school itself, but also the skills she has as a professional dancer and choreographer, one-time trapeze artist, as well as martial arts training. Petronella’s passion for dance and movement began as a child, with regular ballet classes as well as Synchronised swimming- she became a champion at the age of 11.

Her dance training as a young adult was at the London School of Contemporary Dance, and also with other dance and physical theatre teachers including: Lloyd Newson, Lindsay Kemp, Josaphine Wise (Egyptian Dance), and Philippe Gaulier (clown and physical theatre). Petronella was a founding member of the Circus Space (now the National Centre for Circus) where she studied flying and static trapeze.

Her career in the performing arts has been diverse, from street performing in Covent Garden to performing swinging trapeze and web rope in nightclubs and exquisitely made-up living statues for festivals and high-end promotions such as Swatch Watches and Nude Records.

Her film work includes Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later and numerous independent films and pop promotions. Petronella played Cinderella at The Duke of York’s (West End) and an all-singing, all-dancing, while heavily pregnant, fairy at the Blackheath Concert Hall. Recently, Petronella choreographed and rehearsed over 30 dancers for Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World at the Globe theatre.

Petronella began teaching dance at the age of 21, essential regular work that supported her freelance career. Soon after joining PBA Petronella became keen to become a Pilates teacher, and Chris- seeing her potential- took her on as an apprentice. At first Petronella covered the occasional class, then as her knowledge and skills grew she progressed to teaching her own classes for the school at Riverside Racquets club and the London Studio Centre. Away from PBA she now teaches Pilates matwork to both private clients  and classes in community centres. Petronella also incorporates many aspects of Pilates  when teaching dance, including the Seated Creative Dance classes she has developed for the residents of care homes- she has several students who are over 100 years old! Her teaching style is fun but firm, confident, always inquisitive and genuinely very


Petronella asserts that ‘Pilates has underpinned my whole adult life: as a professional body worker and performer, through motherhood and indeed through day to day life and I feel privileged to be able to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for this amazing method within the PBA school’. 

TERM DATES July 2020

All PBA terms are 10 weeks long, start on a Monday and finish on a Sunday.

TERM 3: Mon 13 Jul - Sun 11 Oct (10 wks total) (3 wk summer break 17 Aug – 6 Sept)

TERM 4: Mon 12 Oct - Sun 13 Dec (9 wks total) (Wk 10 to be carried over to 4 Jan 2021) 



11am - 12 noon: Level 5 Advanced 

12.15pm - 1.15pm: Level 2 Elementary and Basics/Entry Taster Class

1.30pm-2.30pm: Level 3 Intermediate



6.30pm - 7.30pm: Level 4 Advanced 



7pm - 8pm: Level 3 Intermediate



Petronella’s feeder class into main school

6.30pm - 7.30pm Level 1 Basics/Entry Taster Class (can be used as swap-in) 

Now I must brace myself for these resignations. I hope there are not too many. I am hoping to stay in place as administrator and maybe even offer occasional 2hr Sunday technique classes at the Umbrella Rooms in Covent Garden or similar when I am in the UK.



Returning to PBA as it still is, we have some great events and socials coming up this and next term...


Venue: 2nd floor movement studio at The Umbrella Rooms, Covent Garden 


▪Sat 21 Mar 10.30-12noon Level 5 (please book in asap) plus 8 guests, £17.50, please book in class.


▪Sun 22 Mar 10am-2pm 15 places, £50, please book in class and the wonderful Hawksmoor restaurant in Covent Garden booked for a 2.30pm (optional) lunch. 


Standing Tall : Bringing  Harmony to the Centre of Gravity : from Sacrum to Scull, Sacrum to Heels, Alignment and Response to Gravity. This 4hr workshop will pay special attention to the muscles that cross the hip joints, the muscles that control the placement of the pelvis (incl of course the abs) balance and the preservation of the adjustment potential of the feet. Includes the full Foot Class.




Monday 6.30-8pm 23 Mar, Eng Rm, No Hassle Pilates: Pilates for your Hotel Room/Apartment : Chair, Wall, Standing : the Travel Edition Keeping your body aligned, mobile, relaxed and healthy whilst on cabin luggage and away from a mat based class.


Thursday 6.30-8pm 26 Mar, Eng Rm, Movement Therapy for Feet and Legs.


Saturday 2-3.30pm 28 Mar, Eng Rm Shoulders Part 2, see above for Part 1.


All classes £17.50, please book in class.


This then leads into the Easter break. The new term, No 2 of 2020, commences on Monday 20 Apr. 



18 APR before Term 2 and 11 JULY before Term very last teaching duty....bound to be floods of tears at 2pm on 11 could there not be after 33 years !!...tears of relief that I've held it together right up untill the end and miraculously through times when things were really tough...tears of pure exhaustion...and of course tears of sadness for the loss of the position that has driven me to create so many opportunities and to motivate myself and others for 33 years.


Both P-days are at The Umbrella Rooms, Covent Gdn, 10am -2pm, each 15 places, £50, please book in class. Covent Gdn/Fitsrovia restaurants for 2.30pm (optional) lunch.




Expect more details next Quarterly News Letter but for now please reserve 5.30-7.30pm, the last day of my last term with you, Saturday 27 June, for a fabulous and exotic finale.


Term 3 starts on Monday 13 July ...and I will probably be on a train passing through the Alps by then ...maybe !!



For fans of the PBA Standing Section, the Sat 11am-12.30pm class will be dedicated to this fusion of Pilates and Horton Jazz. Level 5 students please book in asap. Possibly 5 or 6 places for guests, £17.50, please book in class. Test your alignment, flexibility, agility, control and grace....and move...yes really move. It is quite a challenge.




The second BHMonday in the month is not problematic. As expected I will not be teaching on the Monday but due to the small studio, will need to teach all 3 classes the Saturday of the BH weekend. I have already indicated in this letter when the Monday replacement class is to be offered, see above, letter introduction 3rd paragraph.


However the early BH Monday is problematic. It should be on Monday 4 May but by UK Government decree it has been shifted to Fri 8 May. I bet this really upsets millions of people who use BH weekends to travel to see friends so I am going to ignore this nonsence and take Mon 4 May off anyway. No class Mon 4 May. No class anyway Fri 8 May. All 3 Saturday classes will be taught throughout May. I hope this suits many of you as well.


That's all for this letter. 

♡ Wishing all good things to you and your loved ones for this year.


♡ Chris and Team PBA, Clare, Flora both long serving, unswervingly supportive and dedicated to the duties they perform for PBA... and your experienced, knowledgeable and personable new teacher, Petronella.