Joining Procedure

Every term-time week we have Taster Class slots for the PBA Entry Level Course, Level 1. Please note we run 4 terms each of 10 weeks per year. New students may start any week of any term. Currently Tasters are on Saturdays 2-3pm, at The Engine Room.   This is the only point of entry into our progressive system.  Higher level classes are run as courses and are not available to non-members. 

Our TASTER DEAL, for new students and students new to the PBA method, £17.50 for 2 classes, is taken on 2 consecutive term-time Saturdays. If you then decide to join up pay as little as £120 cash at the end of Taster No 2 for the follow-on 10 week PBA Inaugural Course. This is designed to set you up for progression to the next level where the Swap-in Scheme will open up for you. 


Please contact us at least 72hrs in advance during Term time, giving us time to respond, by texting 078881 494212

Then email to check for availability with your preferred dates.  The Taster deal , 2 classes taken in 2 consecutive weeks runs 2 - 3pm on Saturdays. After your class has been scheduled you will be asked to pay for the deal. Please note that PBA does not give refunds only credit notes. 


Why? Because you are impressed with the quality and detail of the teaching, are swept away by the energy and commitment of the teacher, because the other students look really well trained, because PBA is friendly and has a great class atmosphere, because everyone works hard, loves the material and has a really good time, because you felt great after the first Taster

Payment for the Inaugural 10 week course: cash at the end of the second Taster, £120, or direct banking/transfer made at the end of the second Taster, £125, or PayPal activated within 48hrs of the second Taster, £140. After that the place cannot be guaranteed. The venue does not have facilities to process debit or credit cards.

Subsequent course fees:  this will be explained in the Inaugural Welcome Letter. The basic idea is that one pays a term in advance and quits with a term's notice.  All PBA members understand this arrangement to be protective of their interests so are happy to conform, see PBA Terms of Trade and Conditions of Sale to the Public. We are a family and as a progressive system new members are always welcome. So give it a go!  Welcome to PBA.

Class demonstrating 'Double Leg Hip Roll'

Class demonstrating 'Double Leg Hip Roll'

Prices per full term 10 weeks

Level 1 £120 paid in cash immediately after second Taster.

Levels 2-5 £140. (The schedule of these payments is given in Year Ahead PDF)

Swap-In Scheme

Once you have paid for your second term of study with PBA you may start using this arrangement, and very useful it is too, enabling our members to move between classes at their level or below to cover holidays/illness /high workload/deadlines etc. Please text 07881 494212 to book Swap-In place.  

Class demonstrating 'Leg Work'

Class demonstrating 'Leg Work'

What to Bring to Class

Levels 2-5 and Classical: Mat, yoga strap, yoga brick, hand towel. Taster and Level 1 Improvised kit: Large towel, long scarf, book (at least 6 cms thick  x  20 cms long, we suggest you use a multiple of paperback books bound together to acquire this thickness) and a hand towel. Wear comfortable exercise clothes and bring a clean pair of socks.


Mat, strap, yoga brick, towel

Mat, strap, yoga brick, towel

Loyalty card

This card allows 5 Basic Level Saturday classes per term. All classes must be booked individually by 9pm on the Tuesday before the Saturday. A place cannot be guaranted if the booking comes in after this deadline. Currently all bookings are made by telephone TEXT (07881 494212) and only by text.

£85 per Quarter paid in line with other Quarterly fees i.e. a Quarter (3 months) in advance,  see PBA Terms of Trade / School Contract

Available only for individuals who live outside the M25, the Greater London ring road.

Bunny jump

The Extras


Additional Training

  • 1 × 2 hr New Year Sunday Morning Workshop
  • 6 × 2 hr Extension Classes (holiday Xmas and Easter classes) 
  • 3 × 5 hr. Weekend Intensives (2 consecutive days of classes Saturday 11-12.30 and Sunday 10 - 2.00. For students at Levels 2 - 5, Saturday. 11 am class 1.5 hr, £17.50, Sunday 10 am class 3.5 hr, £50.00)
  • 2 x Pilates Days for 2020. (10am - 2pm) Held the Saturday before the new term starts. Enjoy a long and thorough workout with plenty of time to cover the more complex material. Well priced and very popular, £50.00

All of above are built around corrective-bodywork or health enhancing themes: Stretch and Conditioning for Runners, Pilates on a Chair (much harder than it sounds) The Foot Class, Deep Relaxation, The Bikini Workout, Partnered Stretching, Strength and Agility, Remedial Techniques for Injury Rehabilitation. 

See Year Ahead 2020 

Demonstration of 'Roll-up'

Demonstration of 'Roll-up'