Established 1987 - PILATES by CHRIS HOCKING

Established 1987 - PILATES by CHRIS HOCKING

Established 1987 - PILATES by CHRIS HOCKING Established 1987 - PILATES by CHRIS HOCKING Established 1987 - PILATES by CHRIS HOCKING

Established 1987 - PILATES by CHRIS HOCKING

Carefully structured graded Matwork classes from Beginners to Advanced for well-being, strength, flexibility, agility, a healthy spine, better posture and more energy.

Affordable group tuition and progression through well structured levels, evenings and Saturdays in Central London NW1 with one of the UK's first and finest Pilates teachers. PBA, an enduring ever-evolving school of Pilates Matwork established in 1987 by Chris Hocking, offers a high quality service, safe, thorough, effective tuition and good value for money. £17.50 for the 2 class Taster Deal currently running Saturdays 2-3pm term time*, and £120 for an Inaugural Course (Basics) of 10 weeks. 

*Please note, PBA is a progressive training method for the teaching of Pilates Matwork. As with all progressive systems built upwards from a foundation, the best place to start is in an Entry level class teaching Foundation material, Saturdays 2-3pm term time. From there you can evolve and develop at a speed suitable for your health, structural alignment and background training. Access to higher levels 2-5 is through PBA membership and training. 

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PBA Announcements

PBA Noticeboard. Special Classes & Reminders

March 2020 Intensive (2 Classes)

Looking forward there is the Spring Weekend Intensive which takes place Saturday 21 March at The Umbrella Rooms, 241 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8EH, 10.30 am-12.00 noon: SHOULDERS  PART 1

Places for 8 guests plus the Level 5 students.  Level 5, your class,  no charge,  but booking essential. Note: 10.30 am start.

Sunday 22 March 10 am-2pm: 'Standing Tall : Bringing Harmony to the Centre of Gravity. From Sacrum to Scull : Sacrum to Heels, Alignment and Response to Gravity'. 

This 4hr workshop will pay special attention to the muscles that cross the hip joints, the muscles that control the placement of the pelvis (incl. of course the abs) balance and the preservation of the adjustment potential of the feet. Includes the full Foot Class

The Saturday class costs £17.50, and the longer session on Sunday, £50.00, £67.50 for the whole event. 

Each ‘Intensive’ has a theme, but all component classes start with a full and balanced warm-up. Note: 10 am start. 

See more about The Umbrella Rooms

Easter Extension Classes 23 - 28 (3 Classes) March 2020

Monday 6.30-8pm 23 Mar, Eng Rm. No Hassle Pilates: Pilates for your Hotel Room/Apartment : Chair : Wall : Standing : the Travel Edition' 

Keeping your body aligned, mobile, relaxed and healthy whilst on cabin luggage and away from a mat based class.

Thursday 6.30-8pm 26 Mar, Eng Rm. Movement Therapy for Feet and Legs.

Saturday 2-3.30pm 28 Mar, Eng Rm. Shoulders Part 2 (see previously for Part 1.  Sat 21 Mar. )

All classes £17.50, please book in class.

Booking Now, Pre Term Pilates Day

Saturday 18 April, 10am - 2pm. Held at The Umbrella Rooms, Covent Gdn, , each 15 places, £50, please book in class. 

Covent Gdn/Fitsrovia restaurants for 2.30pm (optional) lunch.

New Arrangements Advance Class Booking and Resignations

As from the beginning of April 2020 ALL REGRETS FOR CLASS NON ATTENDANCE & REQUESTS  FOR SWAP-IN  CLASSES SHOULD COME IN by 9pm the previous  evening ON ... the information can be shared by both Petronella and Chris. Thank you.

Similarly ALL RESIGNATIONS (for those of you who unfortunately cannot continue classes with our wonderful school) APRIL 2020 ONWARDS SHOULD COME IN by the deadline given online BY EMAIL & ONLY BY EMAIL as above, so that they are visible to all members the official PBA team. Thank you.


(Thank you for paying attention to this notice. With Chris retiring different systems are needed to ensure the highest of standards are maintained.)

Bank Holiday Information

The Government in its wisdom has decided to shift the first May Bank Holiday to Friday 8 May. Please note PBA is unable to conform with this change and will be taking the proper day off, Monday 4 May. 

No Level 4 class on Monday 4 May. Also no Monday class the second BH Mon 25 May. Lost tuition to be replaced with a 2hr class on Monday 29 June, the Monday after the end of the Spring term. 

All 3 Saturday classes will be taught 'both' Bank Holiday weekends....nothing cancelled. 

PBA Transition, Restructuring Proposals, July - Dec. 2020

Proposed Trial Period*, Fee Paying Schedule

For a limited period only PAY MONTHLY* on the 25th of each month with a resignation deadline of 22nd of each month for the calendar month ahead, £50 per month by SOM. Annual membership paid pro rata by the month with 12 resignation points each year. 

For people electing to take the Trial Period, please pay by Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) for your first 'month' on or before 25 June (entitlement 4 classes in weeks 1-4 of Term 3, 2020) and again by Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) first week of August for your second 'month', the rest of August. Term starts on 13 July so extra time has scheduled in before any more fees/notifications otherwise are due. After that please set up a SOM for the purpose of paying fees...12 installments pro rata of £50 per month to cover Annual Membership plus admin or, of course, return to paying fees by the Quarter, £140, in which case please pay the 3rd monthly installment by DBT on or before 25 August before switching to Quarterly payment by SOM, £140 to go out for the first time on the 25 Sept for term Oct/Nov/Dec 2020 and thereafter quarterly. Thank you. 

*Detailed T and C's available shortly

Provisional Timetable*

MONDAYS  6.30- 7.30pm  Super Advanced Level 5

TUESDAYS  6.15 - 7.15pm Taster & Level 1 Basics,

   7.15-8.15pm Advanced Level 4

WEDNESDAYS 6.30-7.30pm Elementary Level 2

SATURDAYS  2-3pm Intermediate  Level 3,

   3-4pm Intermediate ++ Level 3++

*Timetable TBC


Chris Hocking, Director of PBA