Established 1987 - PILATES by CHRIS HOCKING

Established 1987 - PILATES by CHRIS HOCKING

Carefully structured graded Matwork classes from Beginners to Advanced for well-being, strength, flexibility, agility, a healthy spine, better posture and more energy.

Affordable group tuition and progression through well structured levels, evenings and Saturdays in Central London NW1 with one of the UK's first and finest Pilates teachers. PBA, an enduring ever-evolving school of Pilates Matwork established in 1987 by Chris Hocking, offers a high quality service, safe, thorough, effective tuition and good value for money. £17.50 for the 2 class Taster Deal and £120 for an Inaugural Course (Basics) of 10 weeks

Taster Deal - 2 Classes £17.50

PBA Class Announcements

PBA Noticeboard. Special Classes & Reminders

Bank Holiday Weekend class, Sat 24 Aug, 11-1pm, Balcony studio

One class, 11-1pm open for all Saturday students, sign up required ASAP. Sign up available to swap-in students from mid-August. You can do this by text..."Name... Sat 24 Aug please"...that's it other info and only by text so I have all the requests in one place 07881 494212. Thank you. 19 places.

Bank Holiday Mon 26 August

No classes. 

Monday students can sign up in Autumn term for a replacement class to be held on Mon 16th Dec 6.30-8.30pm. Location TBC 

Class adjustment Sat 14 Sept

Only one class, 6-8pm to be held in Balcony studio, with 'Beginners' coming in for the first hour. 

Remedial Workshop for Sore Shoulders Sat 7 Sept, 10.30-12.30, Balcony studio

This has been set up for all PBA students struggling with shoulder girdle pain. The aim is to present techniques that help correct upper back and scapula alignment and so contribute to the injury specific healing work of physiotherapists. 

This tuition will also help to set you up with appropriate alternatives for use when in the regular PBA classes.

COST £14, the basic class fee rather than £17.50, the optional-extra workshop fee. Please pay in class ASAP to secure one of 12 places.

Pilates Day Sat 28 Sept, Diorama Arts Centre, 10am-2pm

Held the Saturday before the new term starts. Enjoy a long and thorough workout with plenty of time to cover the more complex material. Well priced and very popular, held at Diorama Arts Centre NW1, £50.00. 

Please book in class ASAP. (Cash in sealed envelope labelled with name, class and cash sum provided) 

Optional arrangement of lunch at local restaurant afterwards. 

New Venue

All classes are moving to a smart new venue,  The Engine Room for term starting 30 September. This means adjustments to Timetable specifically:

  • Mondays Level 4  6.30-8pm
  • Tuesdays Level 4 7-8pm 

Please note, personal property, mats and bricks must be removed from the old venue by 4pm on Saturday 21 Sept 2019, last class of term.

See Timetable for new arrangements, and see Venues page for location


Chris Hocking, Director of PBA